These are following lists covered in Nadi Courses, which are conducted at our organisation. These are following lists covered in Nadi Courses, which are conducted at our organisation.

01 Nadi Gruha Vastu :

One can gain knowledge of vastu and bring positivity and prosperity in any space like home or business with right course of study.

02 Nadi Numerology :

Nadi Numerology has gained importance even. Basically, it helps in knowing one’s lucky numbers for his clear unhindered progress. This is known by persons birth date and time.

03 Nadi Muhurtha Muhurtha :

Determination is important for any auspicious happenings like marriage, inception of business and any other can be taken as an instances. With Nadi Muhurtha, proper calculation of time for initiation or commencement can be made.

04 Nadi Prashna Shastra :

Proper solution can be arrived with the study of Nadi Prashna Shastra. We believe firmly that, any questions has an answer and every problem has a solution.

05 Nadi Hora Shastra :

Nadi Hora Shastra has even gained much importance along, wherein, with the study of time, one can choose to progress in life in the right path. There is perfection for better results.

06 Nadi Shakuna Shastra :

An event, which is bound to happen can be predicted in advance. There is exactness in determining of time of a particular event.

07 Nadi Yantra Writing :

Yantra writing can be learnt and considered for one’s own prosperity. This includes different religious symbols and patterns to enhance luck in one’s journey.

08 Stock Market Astrology :

Stock Market Astrology benefits to those, who are interested in investing in stock. Study of planetary combinations and movements helps in making an appropriate action. Time is given much prominence.

09 Marriage Astrology :

Nadi Astrology This helps in knowing one’s personality and his or her compatibility with partners. Clear analysis helps in taking the right decision for a blissful life.

10 Election Nadi Astrology :

This stream of learning helps whether to take step in political world.

11 Signaturology :

This  has gained prominence where, it signifies one’s personality and also luck can be determined herein.