Who we are?




SRI SHIVAM GURUJI is the founder of the RASTRIYA NADI JYOTHISYA PARISHAT and he is exceptionally adept in every divisions and segments of astrology. Astrology courses in Bangalore, has become simpler with guruji’s notions and teachings. He has mastered in three thousand nadi topics with rigorous research and taught many students nearly over a decade. He has gained eminence in imparting knowledge to many curious learners.

Introduction Horizon of Knowledge

Sri Shivam Guruji being an Indian based consultant in the field of astrology has showed path to many keen learners. His preliminary step in gaining knowledge started with immense curiosity at the age of ten and followed to expertise. Numerology was his first subject and gradually he expanded the horizon of knowledge. He mastered subjects like Gemology, Graphology, Vastu, Yantra and Mantra healing and many others with progress of time. He has gained reputation for an accurate predictions. We have providing best astrology courses in Bangalore.

Training Methodologies

He has researched and developed training methodologies hence any aspirants can learn and gain expertise. He has modeled the contemporary notions in training hence learning progresses with enthusiasm in each chapter’s coverage. He has covered different case studies, thus with discussion, as an instances, one can know different events in the life of person with a clear comprehension.

Enthusiastic Followers

For his extensive knowledge, righteous work and accurate predictions, has bestowed him with immense respect from the followers from different regions of the world. Followers include eminent businesspersons, Industrialists, Politicians, Celebrities in the movie, Corporate and Individuals.

Guruji has followers of different age groups. Today youths are expressing their curiosity to learn this accurate prediction methods in astrology. Guruji has managed to conduct classes to every interested persons at different batches timings with utmost attention provided to them. Each individual is making a mark in learning astrology. At the course completion, enthusiasts can master the subject with firm hold in knowledge.



Primary Mission
Primary mission of Sri Shivam Guruji is to educate and bring the enlightenment in learners. Their lives need to be unhindered phase and immense bliss. Guruji believes that knowledge is for proper choosing of path, enlightenment and to gain the complete blessings of god.

Secondary Mission
In the year 2020, our guruji and pundits at our eminent organization planning to educate as many students in this specialized astrology called Nadi Astrology for leading the life with utmost knowledge, wholesome happiness and proper path to progress oneself. We as the whole members devote our time, hence many learners become successful pundits or adepts in the future course of time.


Guruji’s vision is to drive darkness away in life with proper knowledge impart and thusly leading to enlightenment. In the next generation, many persons need to be aware and know the significance of this knowledge hence they can lead a happy life and also promote for social well being of themselves as well as others. Mere logical reasoning without spiritual and astrological knowledge makes a person to follow the path of numerable hindrances hence spoiling happiness in the course of time. Hence, during the year 2020, there needs to be more participation in learners at knowing the significance of this astrology for their own betterment.

Already our institute members and coordinators are considering this vision and developing ways and means to train as many as students. Every learner’s upon participation can learn deeper meanings of life. There will be good atmosphere in every household members and joyous interaction. Social system is systematically and beautiful developed by knowing true meanings of life.

Futuristic Thinking

As aforementioned vision, we are futuristic thinkers. Every individual learner can develop the skill in futuristic thinking hence making one’s career just a clear phase with immense knowledge acquisition. After successful completion of the course, you can practice Nadi Astrology independently. You can manage your future smartly with our teachings.

Our Endeavors for Your Progress

Our organization has become the sole destination providing training in different branches of Astrology. This organization can be reached in eminent locations of Bangalore and Mysore, which has become the prestigious centers for learning. There are better amenities for your curious and consistent learning.

Different Streams in Learning

Different streams in course is introduced for the benefit of self and others. These courses can be considered for learning depending on his or her own interest or zealousness. These include Nadi Gruha Vaastu, Nadi Numerology, Nadi Muhurtha and much more.

Regular Astrological Meet

There will be interesting meet regularly organized for the astrological discussions with reference to different case studies. Even old students are keen to participate for curiousness.


We provide astrological consultancy to every enthusiasts with proper study of their horoscope. Many personalities in different fields of career have benefitted with our analysis and suggestions.

Key Points

We have enlisted the key points of course features We have enlisted the key points of course features

• Comprehensive Study Material

• Easy to understand

• Practical approach to subject

• Case studies

Reach Us for Absolute Knowledge

Many learners has expressed for the core learning in Nadi Astrology and has benefitted after completion. Word of mouth has established us to the prominence level. We have gained high record of students joining our organization and have even successfully completed the course. We provide exceptional astrological courses in Bangalore. A learner though without any knowledge on astrology has gained confidence with the progress of time. Feel free to contact us for any information in this regard.

Why learn Nadi astrology by us?

Guruji’ s nadi astrology training institute have world-class facilities including Hi-Fi class rooms with video, audio recording facilities and attached library which contains 1000+ books and practically applied white papers from senior students which helps for reference and learning purposes..

1.Students will acquire profound knowledge in nadi astrology which helps to build your career in astrology quickly (with less time)
2.You will acquire all required skills for becoming professional nadi pundit
3.Our unique and quality training enables you to develop confidence in nadi astrology when you work with clients
4.All students have access to those rich resources books, audios, articles collections of horoscopes for study’s
5.Client consultation methods so that you can correct your mistakes
6.All your articles on horoscope applications will be published in our website
7.Free of cost arrangements for viewing solar system (rashi and nakshatra) using telescope
8.Free printing of horoscopes along with A4 2D files and work sheets
9.Your video or audio recordings will be done to promote you as professional astrologer along with your visiting cards
10.We also teach “vak shudhi mantras” which helps for true prediction
11.Temple tour to view vaastu for practical purpose of teaching to students
12.Facilities to learn nadi astrology in scientific way by relating to astronomical phenomena
13.Establishing of roots between Ayurveda and Vedic astrology
14.You will be well versed in remedies for all the planets which helps to improve the quality of your life
15.We provide scholarship to students for higher research and development
16.Using shakunas or nimitta’s in nadi astrology predictions
17.We train you for seminars, discussions, debates and camera facing techniques