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I have read & Understand all the. Rules and Regulations of the organization.

Whatsapp Group Guidelines

Below guidelines are created to manage any of AMP Whatsapp Group.

RNJP Group Admins can use these guidelines to regulate any group for

which they are responsible to manage. You can copy paste below

guidelines and use as is in whatsapp message to remind members

about group guidelines. Hope this will help in organizing Whatsapp

groups better and effectively.

*RNJP House Rules for this Group*

1. RNJP intellectual, non political & non sectarian social welfare organization.

2. We have created this group only for RNJP related discussions and its project related activities. Please stick to the mission statement of RNJP. Irrelevant content does not belong here.

3. Please do not discuss any religious matter, as there are several schools of thoughts being followed by our members with due respects to all.

4. Don’t share irrelevant forwarded audio, videos, photos, messages, Shair-o-Shayari or jokes in the group.

5. Don’t promote any organisation, political or non political in the group.

6. It is advised not to share any jobs postings. We have a sepearte and dedicated group for Job personal problems. Job Seekers or Job Providers may request admin to join that Group   

7. Announcement of event of other groups needs approval from Admin before circulation.

8. Do not advertise any business on this group without approval from Admins.

9. Mutual respect is needed during discussions. Respects everybody’s view points even if not aligned with ones views. Kindly address your fellow RNJP group members with respect.

10. Beware that posting multiple messages in group same day needs to be justified to the group admin, or it will be considered spam.

11. We would start taking the following actions on the offending incidents:

  • 1st time offenders will be warned.
  • Subsequent offenders will be removed and added back with a delay.
  • Repeat offenders will be removed permanently.

These professional rules will keep RNJP Groups functioning like a well oiled

machine. It is crucial for all of us to follow these rules and make

RNJP Groups a better, focused and organized place to work for the

upliftment of astrology community.