Nadi Pandith - Nadi Astrology Course

Nadi Pandith course is for those, who are interested in progressing their learning to a greater level.

Who can attend this course?

Beginner can attend the course and gain an advanced knowledge

Why you attend the Course?

This course encompasses on complete astrology learning. And this course prepares you for the professional level. For those persons, who are interested in making a career as Astrological Consultant in future can opt for this.

Why need to learn at our organisation?

  • Students will acquire profound knowledge in Nadi Astrology, which helps to build your career in astrology in lesser time.
  • Our unique and quality training enables you to develop confidence in Nadi Astrology when you work with clients
  • Do you provide learning resources?
    All students will have an access to those rich resources like books, audios, articles collections of horoscopes for study.
    What is Client Consultation Methods?
  • This is an opportunity, where a student will be allowed for practical exposure.
    Any opportunity to express our skills in writing?
  • Enthusiastic person may write articles on horoscope applications and can also expect for publication in our own website.
  • What are other special featutes?
    Free printing of horoscopes along with A4 2D files and work sheets
    Your video or audio recordings will be done to promote you as professional astrologer along with your visiting cards.
  • How we can ascertain our predictions are true?
    We also teach “Vak Shudhi Mantras” which helps for truer predictions
  • Is there any link between Ayurveda and the Vedic Astrology?
    Yes, we discuss linking between Ayurveda and Vedic astrology for your absolute knowledge.
  • Any scholarship provided to students?
    We provide scholarship to students for extensive research and development.
  • What is exceptional about training other than regular syllabus learning?
    We train you for seminars, discussions, debates and camera facing techniques.

Nadi Astrology Course Duration

  • Prediction = 6 months
  • Analysis  = 3 months
  • Remedy = 3 months

Members of the RASTRIYA NADI JYOTHISHYA PARISHAT has followed the best practices for the overall progress of the student. Our Guruji Sri.Shivam has guided every course developers and coordinators with motive to foresee and ensure progress in each and every student.

Components included in Syllabus

  • Text are recommended or guided for the proper learning material at the class
  • Course structure is divided as per different semesters
  • There are unique method of instructions followed for the easier grasp of the lessons in students
  • Organisation policies, attendance, and various factors relating to students sincered learning can be known along with Nadi Astrology Future Prediction Bangalore course.
  • There will be inclusion of case studies along with the sample horoscope as part of learning and relevant discussion is followed
  • Course is ensured for systematic and progressive learning for whatever age groups of learners.
  • Unique method is followed in evaluating students progress at each class
  • Learning outcome will be known in students at each completion of the class room teachings
  • Timely examination will be conducted
  • Awarding the students for successful learning
    Details in syllabus may include tools of learning and we basically help to reduce confusion in students and they can progress with immense confidence. We have included modern day strategies for promoting active, purpose-centric and efficient learning.

We Believe

  • We believe that there is consistent and systematic progress at each learning and discussion followed
  • We believe that at the course completion each individual learner has benefitted with our methodologies included in the syllabus and there is satisfaction in them
  • We also believe that, our course has helped to better your future with best knowledge gain and helping you at making prediction independently

Our members will coordinate with you in learning the course completely in a successful manner. You can meet us to know what constitute for successful Nadi Astrology future prediction Bangalore. Enquire if any clarifications needed with regard to our course structure. Please visit contact page for relevant required information for communicating with us. All are welcome to gain  this greater knowledge.