Our organisation, RASTRIYA NADI JYOTHISHYA PARISHAT along with the courses, introduced many spiritual practices for the benefit of learners. Our Nadi Astrology classes in Bangalore has been accepted well and there are many students participation. It can be known from the ancient sages scripts that, wherever there is negativity in the atmosphere, there cannot be bliss, happiness or progress. Gradually, health also deteriorates in every individual, who is engaged in particular space. Along with Nadi Astrology courses constituting case studies of horoscope, one can know and expand his knowledge with practical learning. Guruji Sri Shivam will guide enthusiast persons by imparting complete knowledge at the classes.

Notion behind Introducing ‘Agni Hotra’ in the Course

Introducing this concept as part of practical learning promotes for spiritual knowledge as well as essential for long term success. Sometimes, we may come across much difficult phase, where homa becomes much necessity to preserve peace at home or just for the self growth. Nadi Astrology provides the best clues and as the remedial measure, the Agni Hotra can be considered further. Thusly, learning this ancient knowledge prepares you for the better prospects and blissful environment.You can expect to collaborate with the main Nadi Astrology Courses. After successful completion of the course, you can expect to learn Agni Hotra practices for many benefits. Students from our organisation has already expressed their interest in learning this ancient knowledge. Nowadays, there are increasing numbers of students interested in learning along with Nadi Astrology classes in Bangalore.

Brief Introduction

Lord Agni in ancient scriptures is known as the Messenger to God. Any offering with prayers performed with relevant mantras recitation is believed that, a person gains immense peace of mind, positivity is spread in every corners of the space and health is restored. Lord carries our prayers to the gods, hence the performer will be blessed. When coming to AgniHotra, it can be comprehended the rituals performed in the communities of Hindu as offering to the god of fire, Agni. This practice performer gradually experiences healing effect in his body. There is surely divine bliss, when performed with offerings to lord Agni. Brahmins all over the world considering this practice and there is much significance realised by many.

Purification of Atmosphere

When there is purification in the atmosphere, there is definitely a good environment created hence peace and happiness follows. There are certain methodologies followed as per the guidance of Sri.Shivam Guruji to many students at our organisation and it has certainly benefitted. This homa is performed at the auspicious time and with right procedures for the fullest benefits. There is much harmony at the particular space and this can never be expressed in few words.

Tranquilising Nature

The whole atmosphere at post purification motivates children even. They learn to be disciplined and there is tranquil atmosphere. It normalizes hyper-active kids and they gradual learns to be at calm composure. Any person experiencing stress or being at worrisome nature begins to feel confidence and bliss. The whole atmosphere at post purification motivates children even. They learn to be disciplined and there is tranquil atmosphere. It normalizes hyper-active kids and they gradual learns to be at calm composure. Any person experiencing stress or being at worrisome nature begins to feel confidence and bliss.

Restoring Health

Since one can experience healing benefits, there is good functioning of the circulatory system and also it purifies the blood, which naturally promotes for active participation. Brain cells are restored and indirectly promotes for skin health. There is amazingly refreshing look in the person, who has performed this. There is dissolving of the toxic matter in the air and any harmful radiations can be hindered. The radiate effect will be at neutral state.

Benefits at Farming

The ash at the completion of Agnihotra is used in the natural type farming before initiation since it has great benefits. In fact, farmers in many regions have known the importance of applying this ash at the farming for the better yields. The crops developed are found to be superior quality. Use of pesticides and fertilisers can be avoided and natural means or organic farming can be expected. Ash can be considered as the nutrient to the plants and the surroundings space can be purified.

Spiritual Bliss

Chanting of Agnihotra mantra learnt helps in experiencing the spiritual bliss. Can anything compared to spiritual bliss. Definitely not. This can be experienced with Agni Hotra performance at the particular space.

Our Future Plan

We are keen to express that, there should be much awareness and practice in the coming years. Agni Hotra need to be considered much hence, there will be social bliss in any corners of the world. This has become our vision hence more persons becomes engaged, enjoys being at practices and this whole world becomes a better place. Already many learners have completed the course successfully and promoting its unmatched benefits. We expect more number of participants by learning at our organisation. Also, we are planning to hire more staff, train them these spiritual tasks which can be learnt and benefited by students in many numbers. This should be a large scale involvement of many persons, hence making the goddess Bhumi in contentment and keeping our environment with totally and positively energized. Hope with your kind cooperation, we can make this really happen.

Discuss with us

We are providing consultation about these courses commencing and also coordinate to the best hence you can learn this Agni Hotra and be blessed. We are enthusiastic for your wholesome happiness and continued success by teaching complete Agni Hotra. You can have consultation with our team to know more about this spiritual practice. We are conducting separate batch for learning Agni Hotra and it is conveniently planned for your timely completion. We provide complete guidance in this regard from preparing oneself, mantra recitation and successful completion as per the methodologies and principles considered. At any course in learning, proper attention can be expected. Please visit our office for more course information. Seek more information about our Nadi Astrology classes in Bangalore.Our staff will provide you the complete information for your informed decision.