Signaturology Workshops

Signature has the power to assess the mind. The nature of the signature will change according to the nature of the letters in the signature. signature can decide one`s fate If the lucky signature is properly used,

a) There will be great development in business and profession. Business will scale great heights promotion will be enjoyed. For success in job a high frequency signature helps

.b) Evil thought will be removed. Good thought will occur. There will be enthusiasm in thought.

c) Business will attract all.. the face will become charming and happy .

d) The whole world can be ruled.

e) There will be good understanding between husband and wife

.f) Lucky name and lucky signature will bring in lucky life all the work undertaken will be successful.

Lucky signature will result in healthy family , healthy mind, business promotion, success in profession, harmony between husband and wife, business development , fame and step –by- step success. Life will become comfortable and pleasurable. The house and the nation will together become prosperous.
Signature will change the destiny of man. Science will win over the destiny of man . Numerology is the magical science that helps mankind to live happily. These disciplines will bring mankind to the highest developed stage.
Next to a persons lucky name, his signature has a lot of powers. It should be a lucky signature. When we put our signature in English we use the small letters. There are those in whose signature each letters is distinctly written. You can read the name in the signature. Such signature should be avoided. A person who writes his name clearly in the name of a signature will face many sufferings in life. His life will be a continuous struggle.
A person’s signature should not be readable. One can write the name of the other as himself writes it. But it is difficult to put the other person’s signature.
Signature is nothing, but a sign . It is a sign mark of one’s identity. The vibrations of our name act through the brain, pass through the blood vessels and take a form through the actions of the nerves at the centre of the right palm. The signature thus marked decides the fate of any person. It reflects one’s destiny.
Lucky signature will bring them all kinds of luck. Their business will improve. The employees will get their promotions. There will be perfect amity between the husband and wife. There will be such a great be love between them. Money, fame, positions will all reach them as a matter of course. Their trade will increase in volume and bring huge profits.
All the mysteries of man’s life are contained in numbers and letters. The sound of letters work through the brain cells to contribute to the dynamics of life and gives success.
Lucky signature brings prosperous life. All intentions will be fulfilled. Life is to be lived. The principal factors that decide man’s success and failure are is name and signature. If a signature is made rich in luck one need not be afraid of any bad time or situation. Lucky signature brings a lot of great things to life.
The size, slant and height of the signature should be monitored in accordance with the lucky number. When the signature is devised in accordance with matching standards between letters with the powers of a charm and its number, such signature will definitely bring success in life . Though there are many different disciplines of prediction in the world, it is only numerology and Namelogy that remains the foremost of them all. In indicates both the nature of the subjects and results of names and numbers associated with them.
When a person puts his signature , he has to incorporate the initials also. There should be no full stop between the initials and the name. The signature should slant upwards.
A signature that slants upwards will give an upward swing to the business. Every effort will be crowned with success. The mind will become full with contentment. One will come to have a strong mind that could achieve any thing on earth. One will have a virtuous partner in life. The body will have the glistening of health. The face will have the glare of inimitable attraction. Success in any endeavor will be assured.

Vastu Work Shop

Commercial Vaastu workshop

Commercial Vaastu Workshop – An Overview
Today all business establishments, construction of building both commercial and residential are begun with the invocation of the Lord of Vasstu. The construction is then done according the rules and customs that have been set by Vaastu.

Today to know more about vaastu and its requirements, a number of workshops and classes are being conducted that are likely to help those interested in setting up their homes according to Vaastu Shastra or the science of Vasstu.

A number of norms have been discussed in Vaastu and it has also been proven to be scientifically approved. Generally referred to as sacred Architecture, the rules of Vaastu need to be well understood to employ it in ones architectural work.

Seminars and classes conducted help and guide the follower of Vaastu in their work, however, to practice it completely and earnestly there should be an inner urge to believe in the Science of Vaastu and not just employ it because the owner of the house requires it to be done.

Vaastu shastra is extremely vast and some of the topics taught include the basic principles of Vaastu Shastra, its limitations and how to overcome them, remedies that can be implemented without executing any change in the constructive design, and above all the various principles, the meaning, its relevance and the overall scientific explanations.

All of these can be learned and undertaken at any of the commercial vaastu workshops that are conducted quite regularly by experts in the field. Alternatively, these classes and workshops can also be undertaken online if the candidate is comfortable with online classes.

The classes and workshops are conducted at various levels and one can undertake the advanced levels, once the basic levels are practiced well. The Science of Vaastu is one way to ensure that positive vibes are always at work in the home and that wellbeing prevails at all times.

Shri chakra yantra making workshop

 The Yantra is the graphic, mathematics and magic representation of the divine one. It is an ancienttradition that get lost in the night of the times; we can find graphic representations of God in the prehistoric mural paintings, games of numbers and magic squares in a lot of ancient cultures. But it is in the tantric tradition that the Yantras assume a bigger spectrum of uses. The Yantras therefore should not be confused with magic or superstition, but they are a real tool of worship. The meaning of the word in Sanskrit is in fact instrument, support, machine, and device.

Many Yantras are contained in a square with four gates. The square represents the material world while the gates are the points of access into the Yantra. Geometric shapes, symbols, numbers inside are like parts of this mechanism. They lead us gradually towards its center representing the Supreme Consciousness. A yantra is an instrument that allows us to make an inner journey to the discovery of the Supreme Self. The study of the Yantras is an important footstep in the particular sadhana (spiritual path) of the Aghoris. That’s the reason for my great interest in this ancient knowledge and the reason that pushes me to share them.

Yantra is extremely useful & beneficial Yantra, since its worship strengthens benefit planets & increases their positive influence and pacifies malefic planets & neutralizes their negative effect. Yantra should be worshiped life-long to ensure that you always get maximum advantage from your planets.

Why You Must Experience Yantra at least once in lifetime?

Success and wellbeing are things that everyone looks for. Each of us may have individual ideas of what success is and follow different routes to wellbeing, but the underlying desire is the same. This was recognized in ancient Indian culture, and so, yogis and mystics down the ages created many devices to aid human beings in their quest for immediate andultimate wellbeing. Yantras are devices of this kind, which are created as support systems towards a particular purpose.

 Yantras are tools to enhance our life in different dimensions. They are made for specific purposes and different types of yantras reverberate in different ways. Looking at the kind of energy that is to be created, we can create that kind of yantra. The most basic yantra is a simple triangle. An upward facing triangle is one kind of yantra, a downward facing triangle is another kind. You can mix them in many different ways and make a variety of yantras.

For example, the Bhairavi Yantra is meant for the enhancement of one’s wellbeing. Whatever you do, you can do it much better with the assistance of theBhairavi Yantra.

Do you know the Benefits of yantras?

The word yantra is used in two or more ways in Sanskrit. It comes from the root “yam”, which means supporting or holding the essence of an object or concept. The syllable “tra” comes from “trana” or liberation from bondage. Yantra also means liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth (moksha). As a tool, yantra meditation is used to withdraw consciousness from the outer world, so as to help the student to go beyond the normal framework of mind to the altered states of consciousness known as turiya.

 Yantras are kind of protective shield against all kinds of negative energies and helps attract material prosperity, fulfillment of wishes, healthsuccess, love, power, happiness, relationship, peace and welfare of children.

There are different types of yantras to create different benefits. They are characterized accordingly:

  1. a) Wealth yantras for creating prosperity
  2. b) Yantras for protectionfrom negative energy
  3. c) For health related issues and remedy
  4. d) Education purpose
  5. e) Success in business
  6. f) For early & good marriage
  7. g) For love and attraction between couples
  8. h) Planetary yantrasfor malefic planets

And removal and protection of black magic, evil eyes and negativity, for luck and prosperity, for spiritual advancement.

7 categories of Yantra according to their use

Sharira Yantras

The Yantras of the body, such as those of the chakras.

Dharan Yantras

The Yantras worn in various parts of the body, according to the rituals prescribed by guru.

Asan Yantras

The Yantras placed under the seat or the mat for meditation, but even under temples, homes or deities.

Mandal Yantras

In these there are 9 participating Yantra sitting each in 8 directions and one in the middle performing puja and reciting the main mantra while the others recite the mantra that corresponds to the Deity of the Direction.

Puja Yantras

All Yantras installed at home or in temples while puja is performed. They can be made of various materials and are installed in various ways according to one’s own tradition or according to the Deity to whom the Yantra is dedicated.

Chhatar Yantras

Those kept under the hat or turban or in a pocket.

Darshan Yantras.

These are those the Sadhaka contemplates in the morning for his spiritual welfare or those installed in the temples for the welfare of all. Astrological yantras are used in working with the energy of the nine planets. Numerical yantras are not composed of basic geometrical forms but of numbers. Some of these yantras are used as talismans. When working with a yantra, a mantra is needed to invoke the vital life force (prana) of the particular deity.

Magical and Practical uses of Yantras

Shanti Karan Yantras

Used  to  pacify  the  evil  spirits  or  influences  of  the  planets,  to cure diseases.

Stambhan Yantras

Stambhan means pillar but means also stiff, stop, still.  These Yantras  are  used  to  stop  an  event,  to  paralyze  an  enemy  or prevent an attack.

Vashikaran Yantras

Used to control someone or something.  For example, an enemy, a lover, but also a spirit or deity.

Videshan Yantras

Used to divide and create disputes between two or more people.

Uchatan Yantras

Used to distract and retain an enemy away from home and control him.

Maran Yantras

Used to inflict death to an enemy or whom you have a dispute.

Navagraha Yantras

The “Navagraha Yantra” – Supernatural Diagram of the Nine Planets – is a talisman of unique importance. The seyantras can reduce some kind of pressure or negativity caused by your ruling planet. There is a history associated with each yantra. These yantras act as a Vedic remedy to any kind of malefic planets. They are also used to enhance and brighten your yoga-karaka planetary system. These yantras will surely bring in affluence and prosperity but you need to build a harmonious effort to lead a successful life without any greedy motive. The Navagraha Yantra is even more special because it works on all nine planets at once and in a mutually harmonious technique.

Yantra recommendation for all the 12 rashis

The Rasi Yantras are Special and is also unique in all ways it not only boosts the positive points of the Rasi and minimizes the negative points of the Rashi in general, but also interacts with the Native and custom-corrects the Rasi Mandala of the Horoscope (Rashi Chakra of the Birth Chart) to bestow good results to the Native.

Workshops on Education

Role of Education in the World Today:
In the words of Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” And that is why education is significant today as the world is facing very difficult times. The importance of education has never been more emphasized than it is now.

With the world progressing at a speed never known before, education gives us the power to keep pace with the growth and development. Starting right from the age of three, to adulthood and even beyond, an individual goes through different levels of education. From school to college, to specializations, the process of education continues, and the continuous process of education is further enhanced by the lessons learned through the various experiences of life.

Education, should not mean just gathering degrees, as they are mere sheets of paper if the knowledge gained in the process of gathering those sheets of papers is not shared, is not utilized and finally, is not made a tool to create a better world and to benefit mankind.

Education helps to realize objectives, create niches in which one is able to excel and then with that excellence able to generate more like-minded and creative people who are equally passionate about utilizing education to enhance the quality of life.

The bottom line is that, education is one area of life in which there is no discrimination of age or gender, no highs and lows, no questioning or reasoning, but plain and simple acquiring of knowledge.

Today, the words of Nelson Mandela, gains more significance, especially considering the various man-made divides that seems to rule the world. Education helps to destroy barriers as it gives individuals the ability to understand and appreciate each other.

Education encompasses a vast world of different subjects and gives the learner the opportunity to identify the subject in which one’s aptitude lies and take it further to become an expert in it.