(Shri Krishna in Shri Bhagavad Geeta– Xth chapter says to Arjuna)


What is Japa Yoga What Are it’s Benefits?


Among various yajnas I am in JAPA YAJNA -Indicating highest level of divinity

The practice of Japa leads to divinity or an important path for the Sadhaka for spiritual progress


It is also “A method of repeating Mantra”


JAPA involves repeating or chanting of a Mantra

This action leads to yoga or union of mind, Intellect through sound

Further enables union of the mind, intellect and Atma—YOGA-joining

Mantra Japa has always been accepted for significant healing within. Since ancient times, it is recognized among the Yogic Healing Techniques, primarily to gain mental peace and also be in the vicinity to attain liberation. Sadhana Sakti can be achieved by an individual with repeated practice. Mantra recitation comprises of repetition of the same mantra, which is comprised of mono-syllable. With repeated consideration of this practice on every day, we are enabled with positive patterns or wavelengths, which helps us in being at incessant bliss. This state can never be expressed in few words. With Japa, one can overcome any worries, unbalanced state of mind and but be in normalcy. You can recite the name of the lord in repetition. We differentiate Japa and Dhyana. Dhyana can be understood as the higher contemplate.

Categorization of Mantra Japa

  • Vaikhari Japa- This is performed with loud pronunciation
  • Upamsu Japa – Performed in humming state and this is almost silent type.
  • Manasic Japa – Performed in absolute silence.

Need in Modern World

There is much need in modern world. From children to adults, everyone is experiencing immense stress nowadays. Stress need to be managed in an appropriate and natural manner, hence health can be restored in a long term. Person of any group can come forward and learn an art of doing Japa in a proper manner,hence positive results can be surely expected. In modern world, many number of individuals are experiencing ill health due to repeated loss of peace. Herein, ignorance cannot be an answer to the problems. Inner world, that is relating to soul and mind is disturbed to much extent. Hence,timely healing is required for a person. Constant practice helps in removing all the blockages within, thus, one can experience unmatched spiritual bliss. Decision making skill at academic, corporate or any organisation can be improved with proper state of mind. Confusion can be nullified and progress can be ensured. Thought management, as we can express because, our mind wanders on many issues irrationally, without arriving at the focus, but settles restlessly. Much of energy is gradually lost. Much time is wasted since one may not be able to focus on any of tasks he chooses. Hence, progress also becomes impeded with our wasteful thoughts. Learning Nadi in astrology Bangalore requires these skills.

Advantage - Japa in Nadi Astrology

  • One can attain stable mind and it helps in grasping the subject quickly
  • Inner consciousness in the course of time can be activated
  • There is positive magnetic field developed around a person by repeated recitation
  • Japa cancels all the negative energy around
  • Proper functioning of the circulatory system
  • Blood is purified, hence one can remain in active state
  • Brain cells are restored with zero stress levels
  • Purest form of soul in you
  • Spiritual energy can be expected
  • Students can expect greater power of memory and superior concentration
  • Impact of physical and emotional pain can be lessened
  • Naturally rejuvenated skin can be expected, since there is glow within
  • Ability developed for handling stress or tension in a matured manner
  • Social skills can be developed

Students are advised to be in constant practice of this Japa, hence, one can experience consistent success. Otherwise, we may be at stoppage in learning. Until and unless, we do not consider this pre-learning process, we may not progress even. Hence, this has become fundamental for any learning in further. There are many individuals from different regions of Bangalore considering our courses with immense interest. We have gained eminence with word of mouth and network followed for many person joining. Nadi in astrology Bangalore can be learnt at continued phase. You can expect best opportunity to learn and also succeed in the course of time. Please meet at our office directly to know more about the courses.