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We welcome you to this world of extensive learning, which helps you in ascertaining oneself and discover true means to happiness and right path to success. We have gained eminence with proper teaching in Nadi Astrology in Bangalore.

SRI SHIVAM GURUJI being the founder of the RASTRIYA NADI JYOTHISHYA PARISHAT is adept in all the divisions of astrology and has covered about three thousand Nadi topics. Many followers have developed inquisitiveness to learn from our guruji and progressed in their field.

Primarily, guruji life’s mission is to spread Nadi Astrology across India and abroad by imparting relevant knowledge for the greater welfare of the society. Sri Shivam guruji considers forth the common platform utilising the clear and efficient methodologies of education and also astrology thusly, clear path of knowledge can be gained for one’s own betterment and also for the welfare of others. Recitation of veda and various spiritual practices makes a person contended without any negative vibes and one’s objectives can be realised without any impediments.

We have helped many learners to discover the ancient and accurate method of prediction since eight years of successful journey. Discover yourself with our specialised courses. Our Nadi Astrology in Bangalore have been accepted by many inquisitive persons and also practically considering in their day to day life.

Many learners after successful completion are realising the benefits of prediction and are following the proper path for their own uninterrupted progress and wholesome happiness. This has become interesting routine to many of our learners.


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Nadi Guru Blog

Students who have successfully completed the Nadi Astrology Course

Nadi Astrology – An Essence Behind

This particular astrology is known for cent percent accuracy in revealing the secrets of the past, present and future happenings of the time. With the progress of learning, we can effortlessly identify any hindrances at your home or mere plot through this particular study. Also, forecasting events before its happenings that is, before five years in advance, is practically unexpected in any other field of astrology.

Special Attributes For Your Progressed Learning

Our one of a kind Nadi Astrology training institute encompasses facilities par excellence. These are comprising Hi-Fi classrooms with video, audio recording arrangements. Library comprises of numerous books ranging upto thousands. There are various papers developed by many of our senior students especially for the new joinees for the convenient learning purposes.

Significant Since Ancient Time

This particular subject is representation of Dharma Astrology, which is practiced in few major regions of India. It is relied on the belief that, in the life journey of man, the past, present and the future lives of all the humans were defector studied by the Dharma sages in the ancient time. Simplest understanding can be made with clear study of all the events in an orderly manner. All the events in reference to planetary positions can be expressed in the utmost accuracy. There is no dubiousness in this regard.

Nadi Astrology Training - Know Yourself

Preliminary step to training is a concept of “Know Yourself”. In this notion, we scrutinise your horoscope in a detailed manner, fundamentally to know the strengths and weaknesses in reference to planetary positions or combinations. It can be covering your physical and mental strength, power of speech and various other factors before making a conclusion. Hence, certain quick hints can be identified in a person and made a prediction with the successful completion of the course at our organisation. One’s attitude and clear recognition of talent can be known here. In the following chapters, you will be knowing your family members, negative vibes in any relation, uncomfort zones and irrational avoidances. Basically, one can know negativity in day to day coordination. Our guruji helps in reducing those negativity in your daily happenings or associations with proper astrological study. Smooth sailing in life can be expected. Our teachings of Nadi Astrology in Bangalore have been successful since the commencement of training.
Ultimately, Know Yourself notion helps in making appropriate decision on any family relations including marital. Other than this, partnerships in business can be known and also proper path is guided for the success realization.