Encompassing Methods for Systematic Progress with Nadi Astrologer Lessons Bangalore

Since ancient times, many sages described the feasible solution for each and every problem. Our traditions include interaction, purification process for students, teaching Nadi Astrologer lessons Bangalore with Horoscope consideration and case studies. These are traditions followed since almost a decade. We ensure that, there is clear bonding between Guru and Shishya when engaged in following the traditions.

We have our own traditions and set of principles for the progressive learning in students. Guru is recognised as the one, who is respected for his immense knowledge and he is the one, who shows the path. Shishya is the one, who learns from the guru for his own benefit and for the benefit of others thus making the whole world a better place to live. Knowledge need to be shared hence righteous living can be expected. Nadi Astrology can be recognised as the vidya, which has followed from guru parampara lineage. Guru can be recognised as the ultimate truth, who is responsible for spreading the knowledge to all his students. Guru can even be recognised as the primary medium, where the knowledge is shared to the learner and hence the whole teaching network follows.


Shivam Nadi Astrology - Exceptional and Beyond

Nadi can be known as the origination, in the form known as kanda, which constitutes sixteen kanda’s where each kanda comprises about thousand topics, where it sums to sixteen thousand topics for each of sixteen kanda. Learners are finding this as an exceptional knowledge since calculations considered concludes appropriately and accurately. There are Nadi principles, which are actually the conversations. Mother Parvathi asks Father Shiva few questions. Lord Shiva provides answers to all her questions in a calm and convincing manner. Nadi Astrology learnt at our organisation is de facto beyond the planets study and Raashi Karakatwas. In simple words, Shivam Nadi Astrology is about studying the planetary combinations for arriving at the proper prediction for an event. Since we consider all-encompassing method, results can be arrived precisely. We are providing for thorough gain of knowledge with our Nadi Astrologer lessons Bangalore.

Learning with Discipline

Whatever be the subject of learning, discipline becomes much significant in any individual. Learning with discipline progresses to a greater extent. A child learns to be in discipline from parents, guru or well wishers. Discipline takes us to a wisdom.


Primary motive behind our Nadi Astrology is to purify disciple’s soul and hence making him free or liberate from all his past life karma thusly, making to purification. Hence, purification process helps in gaining the knowledge in the present life without any hindrances. Purification can be ascertained in three categories. These include.

a) Soul
b) Body
c) Mind

Healing at the Core – Soul
AgniHotra helps in purifying the soul of the disciple hence he progresses confidently in learning. Chanting of relevant mantra helps in clear progress to further learning. This becomes the preliminary step.
Body Flexibility and Relaxedness
Body cleansing, wherein a disciple is gradually trained with Yogic postures. By performing several methodical steps in Yoga, a disciple gradually arrives in accord with the soul. Pranayama and Meditation techniques followed to practicing of Mudras, helps in developing a stable thought hence knowledge gain in future process becomes an easier grasp.

Mastering the Mind

Managing the mind is difficult task. Hence, considering the Japa and Tapas taught by Sri.Shivam Guruji helps in developing stable, focussed and powerful mind. This is required, since we being in the process of gaining knowledge, can make best decisions even. At our organisation, we have created an environment, where any enthusiasts person in the progress of time have been learning the subject in a consistent phase, since they have gained an ability to master the mind and be in attention.

Mantra and Japas

This is another significant level, which even needs a mention for achieving success in the Nadi Astrology. Cleansing the speech with repeated Japas can be recognised as the Vak Shuddhi. The relevant mantra, which is considered forth for chanting is known as Siddhi Mantras. An aspiring astrologer, need to develop this skill before learning lessons.


This is going to be another beginning in learning. Gaining the knowledge from the guru. Upadesha from guruji can be expected on about various topics in Nadi Astrology in a systematic manner. Hence, when gained complete purification, grasping the subject becomes much at an easier phase.

Recognition and Future Prospects

Students, who have covered various topics with the White Papers submitted to Guruji and Nadi Brahma will be eligible for the recognition. On successful completion, students can look forward for providing professional service to the society independently. A person, who has successfully completed can practice as the formalities as those of Pundits, hence making a living by it. It is pleasing to express that, many students, who have successfully completed the course, have been able to provide the astrology related services independently.

Every Learner Has Success Path to Follow

At post completion of our course, every learner can ensure that, which are all those ways and means for absolute happiness and total success in his life. He can follow our traditions, principles and subjects taught and prepare for re-defining his own life and also for better life of family members. Check more details to know about Nadi Astrologer lessons Bangalore. You can look forward to meet in person to know about various interesting courses introduced for your better future.