Nadi Foundation Life Changing Course

Who can attend the course?

This course is solely developed for the beginners. It is an opportunity where an individual can start from the fundamentals.

Why you attend The Course ?

This course covers topics like solving one’s own personal issues. Also, it elucidates how one can improve his personal life. It includes different case studies for understanding with instances, hence a person can gain proper knowledge.

What is the benefit in considering this particular couse?

We are teaching as per the foundation syllabus, which covers methods for personal issues salvation. You can expect following multi-fold benefits along with the foundation course and this makes us an exceptional. These includes

  • Pranayama
  • Agni hotra
  • Panchikarana
  • Vaksiddhi
  • Vakshuddhi
  • Relationship Development
  • Career Development
  • Finance Development
  • Health improvement

"Course Duration "

Three months

"Nadi Astrology Syllabus"

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Foundation Course Certificate

Nadi foundation course certificate -2018th Batch 





Foundation Course Certificate

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